Tipping Simplified

Cash is king or so the saying goes. Unfortunately, most of us do not carry it – or at least much of it anyway.

We’ve probably all experienced the embarrassment of rummaging through our cars searching for at least a couple of bucks to tip the valet only to come up empty-handed. Worst yet is the walk of shame past the Salvation Army kettle when one is not even carrying spare change.

And when we do tip in cash – specifically at restaurants – one must wonder whether the attentive server actually received the tip if it was left unattended.

Fortunately, there’s now a better way to tip. Tipped is a patent pending free mobile app designed to simplify tipping by allowing users to scan the barcode on a service provider’s name badge or placard, choose an amount, and send in real-time.

Tipped is also a gem for business travelers who are often not reimbursed for gratuities because of lost or lacking receipts.

**Features include:**

Tip anytime, anywhere

Tip Calculator

Ensures that service providers receive the gratuity or option to route gratuities to merchant for division among team members

Easily send a gratuity gift to service providers on holidays or special occasions

Track gratuities related to business travel to simplify reimbursements

Manage charitable giving

Great perk for service employees

Print barcodes on almost any item – name badges, placards, business cards, guest check presenters, graduation and bridal invitations

For additional information or to be notified of the app’s launch visit www.tipped.me.