Sacramento: Kings Tout Tech As Season Ticket Sales Begin

As the Sacramento Kings begin general season-ticket sales for the team’s first season in Golden 1 Center, its leaders are seeking out national forums to showcase their plans to redefine the fan experience through technology.

Team officials attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, with lead owner Vivek Ranadivé joining a panel discussion about tying technology to the fan experience.

Kings President Chris Granger said not all the technological innovations are directly connected to the arena. The team also is looking to use virtual reality, e-gaming and other technology to provide content for fans at home and broaden what he said could be called the “Kings Experience.”

“Certainly in the arena we’re going to be doing interesting things,” he said. The team has noted how Internet connectivity at Golden 1 Center will be strong enough for 225,000 Instagram photos to be sent per second. Fans will be able to order food, get alerts as friends arrive or reserve a post-game restaurant spot from their seat.

“Our interest is really in leveraging technology to (define) the fan experience in a new way,” Granger said.
Underlining the emphasis on technology has caught attention elsewhere, Granger said. The team has already worked with several up-and-coming tech firms on Golden 1 Center technology, and the Kings had talks at CES with another well-known company for an initiative to be announced soon, he said.

“The platform of the world’s smartest building, world’s most connected building is something people want to partner with,” he said.

Sales began Thursday evening for season tickets at Golden 1 Center, which will open this fall. This is the first time the team is opening sales beyond existing season-ticket owners.

While he didn’t disclose how many seats are available, Granger said the team will probably have to cap sales at some point. That would be done to ensure there are tickets available for group plans or single games.
“We feel really good about where we’re at right now,” he said.

Prices will start at levels comparable to those at the Kings’ current home, Sleep Train Arena. Granger said ticket prices will fluctuate by location, down to every row in Golden 1 Center having a different price.

The team also noted the Kings will use dynamic pricing, meaning games against rivals or teams with high-profile players may be more expensive.

Online, tickets will be available at The site features a tool for buyers to see a representation of what their view would be from every seat.

Source: Sacramento Business Journal, Ben van der Meer
Photo: Leaders from the Sacramento Kings are seeking out national forums to showcase their plans to redefine the fan experience through technology in Golden 1 Center.