On This Thanksgiving Eve…

We’re thankful for our family, friends and colleagues and for those friends and colleagues who have become like family;

We’re grateful to our employees, shareholders and other investors and believers who share our vision;

We’re thankful for the diversity of our workforce and business partners whether here or abroad;

And for living in a land where we are free to share our ideas and launch new products and services as often as we’d like;

We’re indebted to those who took the plunge before us and to the unicorns who serve as a constant reminder that the sky really is the limit;

We continue to be amazed by the cloud and its infinite potential;

We’re thankful for the drones flying overhead and for the innovators planning to take us to space;

We’re humbled by the resilience of our leaders and allies worldwide and for those who continue to live life to the fullest even when facing adversity;

For these things and much more we are thankful.